Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thrive Walnut Burger and Spicy Bean Salsa

I'm on my third day on Thrive now and I feel great, maybe now just because of the fact that I'm so excited finally trying it out. I feel super-motivated! I'm traveling again tomorrow (I'm on cross-Atlantic trips monthly, but not this time) so I will miss home the second I leave, but it'll also be a great test how to find great food in London combined with business meetings. My bag is packed with Energy Bars, which I hope I can smuggle through customs.

Today I've started with Banana Pear Ginger Cereal with Hemp Milk for breakfast, Blueberry Rooibos Antioxidant Smoothie for snack, big green avocado salad for lunch, Pomegranate Amaranth Energy bar for afternoon snack and this awesome Raw Walnut Burger with Spicy Bean Salsa, Green Salad and shredded Carrots. I did 20km on my bike as I got home from work today so I now feel more energized than ever, yet a little hungry.

Now off to bed and the latest episode of The Killing!

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