Thursday, May 12, 2011

Quinoa Mango Maki Rolls

I've heard countless times how healthy sushi is. While the fish actually have some health benefits (I don't eat fish personally), the rice is packed with sugar. This sushi is 100% vegan and is based on protein-rich Quinoa instead of white rice.

These maki rolls are fresh, tasty and packed with protein and nutrition.

2.5 dl Cooked Quinoa (let it cool)
2 tbsp Rice Vinegar
2 tsp Brown Sugar
1 Avocado in strips
1/3 Cucumber in long strips
1 Mango in strips
0.5 dl Vegan Mayonnaise
1 tsp Sambal Olek
3 Nori Sheets

This is how it's done and you need a Sushi Kit to make these rolls.
  1. Cook the Quinoa and let it cool. Mix with the vinegar and brown sugar.
  2. Mix the Vegan Mayonnaise with the Sambal Olek
  3. Spread a 1 cm thick layer of Quinoa over the Nori Sheets and save 1.5 cm at the ends of the sheet
  4. Add the Avocado, Mango and Cucumber strips and by using your finger add Wasabi on top of the Cucumber
  5. Add some of the Mayonnaise/Sambal Olek mix.
  6. Moist the uncovered layer at the end of the Nori Sheet.
  7. Make a thick roll.
  8. Cut into 2 cm pieces.
  9. Serve with Ginger of your choice, Tamari and Wasabi.

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