Friday, April 15, 2011

Tropical Superfood Smoothie

Some mornings I don't just feel like anything for breakfast than a smoothie - a Superfood smoothie. This Tropical Superfood Smoothie is loaded with four different superfoods and kicks some serious punch - energy wise. This includes Bee Pollen as I wrote about earlier and it gives this smoothie a sweet flavor.


  1. 1 Mango (peeled, in pieces)

  2. 1 Banana (in pieces)

  3. 3 Oranges (juiced)

  4. 1 Carrot (juiced)

  5. 2 cm piece fresh Ginger

  6. 2 tbsp Vegan Protein Powder (I used Sun Warrior Raw Vegan Protein this morning)

  7. 1 tsp Maca

  8. 1 tsp Lucuma

  9. 1 tsp Mesquite

  10. 1 tbsp Bee Pollen

  11. 1 dl Water or more depending on how thick you like it

Mix everything and drink SLOWLY on an EMPTY stomach.

1 comment:

  1. Man does this look good.
    Can't go wrong with oranges.
    Is it filling though?