Monday, April 25, 2011

Maca - Stress enemy #1

I've been on vacation on Tenerife for a week and got back home last night. This sounds super-nerdy but I've actually missed my Maca powder and the local juice-joint hadn't even heard of Maca, which is strange considering that the Conquistadors discovered this awesome superfood 500 years ago as their livestock had problems adapting to their new environment in Peru.

For those of you who already consume superfoods or have started this post will be nothing new to you. However, this awesome root is something I consume every day and it's one of the best superfoods for someone that lives a stressful life with a career, kids etc. The Maca powder helps preventing stress and helps restoring hormone balance. By consuming a daily dose of Maca you will help your body in it's battle with stress and eliminate sugar-cravings, which I have been struggling with for years.

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