Friday, March 25, 2011


Gardein (Garden + Protein) is a healthy protein-rich option from a company in Canada called Garden Protein International and is an absolutely awesome product instead of fish, chicken and meat. I found out about Gardein by a coincidence as I scanned the internet in a desperate need to find a substitute for meat. As I got Chef Tal Ronnen's book "The Conscious Cook" I got one of my many eye-openers as I read the recipes using Gardein.

Gardein is partly Soy-based, partly Wheat-Gluten based and is just an excellent meal - plain and simple. The downside is that unless you travel as much as I do, it's hard to find as it's not available in Europe yet.

Their range of products can be found on the Gardein website and as we wait for Garden Protein International to launch in Sweden and the rest of Europe, throw out the souvenir t-shirts and pack your bags with Gardein as you visit the US or Canada.

There are MANY plant-based protein resources and Gardein is a great option.


  1. Tried to use Qourn back when my girlfriend was a vegetarian but that quite terrible. Strange texture and hard to season. I guess this is superior?

  2. I'm not a big fan of Quorn and as you say it's hard to season (it's just a strange mushroom that looks like Chicken) and it tastes weird. Gardein has a HUGE range of products, but it's not available in Sweden (or in Europe) yet. But it's absolutely amazing. In the meantime there are many other great products available and you can also make your own.