Thursday, September 8, 2011

Energizing Breakfast Pudding with Dates and Flaxseeds

Now you might think that all I do is eat breakfast, but I'll get back to lunches, main courses and smoothies shortly. 

This breakfast pudding is sweet and perfect for kids as you try to get them off dairy and artificially sweetened yoghurts packed with deadly additives. For kids, I'd go a little easy on the Flaxseeds and nuts. If you are allergic to nuts, just leave them out.

I usually store the fruit in the fridge the night before so the pudding is nice and cold. 

1 Apple (Organic)
1 Banana (Organic)
3-4 Dates (The more, the sweeter it gets)
2 tbsp Flaxseeds (grinded)
2 tbsp Cashew nuts 
1 tbsp Chia seeds

Blend everything until smooth. Top with Flaxseeds, Hempseeds and/or Cashew nuts and serve directly. If you find the color boring, add some Strawberries or Acai. 

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